Flor de Jamaica

The hibiscus flower is widely used in Mexico to prepare a refreshing drink (which has some medicinal benefits). The flower has a vibrant red color and a flavorful bitterness that gives Pavtum, Flor de Jamaica a very special herbal notes that mix great in cocktails.

Cafe de Olla

Oaxaca is a vibrant region in Mexico, known for many reasons, from ancient traditions, cultural activity and as a producer of a variety of goods. Mezcal and coffee are amongst its most precious assets. Pavtum, Cafe de Olla is a core representation of these pair that blend seamlessly. Also, cafe de la olla (“coffee from the pot”) is a popular way of coffe breweing across Mexico, in which the coffee and a piece of raw brown sugar, brew together in a pot creating a bittersweet flavor.


This fruit, Lima, is iconic of the Yucatan peninsula and incredibly representative in it’s regional cuisine. Its powerful aromatic notes and flavor makes it very distinctive and unique. Pavtum, Lima will give your cocktails that edge to make them stand above others.